Our vision

Corporate Goal

Because Cosentino wants to take its commitment to society a little further, we have defined our corporate goal together with from all over the world to establish guidelines for the future of the company.

 “To inspire people through innovative spaces”

The corporate aim is part of our long-term business plan and guides the company’s approach to sustainability. It involves going a step further in our value proposal for our partners, clients and stakeholders, and is intended to transcend the needs of the company to convey in one sentence how we want to impact and contribute to society.

Inspiration is not an abstract entity: it can be seized and unleashed to give our actions meaning. Cosentino does not only inspire through innovative surfaces, but we also apply our inspirational approach to all the elements that shape our brand and our contribution of “values”. We are aware that launching innovative materials is not enough to inspire people; we also need to create products based on proximity and trust. In Cosentino, we try to apply this philosophy to everything we do, not only through our products.

Vision of Corporate Social Responsability

In keeping with its strategic position, Cosentino has put corporate social responsibility at the forefront of its business culture. The company understands commitment to environmental, financial and social sustainability as an opportunity to imagine the future and make a commitment to it. Therefore, we work to create value within and outside the company, being one step ahead through innovation, improving the environment and making people the focus of our business activity.

In accordance with this framework of action, in 2018, the company continued working to fulfil the commitments made with regard to the UN Sustainable Development Goals consisting of 17 goals and 169 targets that make up the 2030 Global Agenda. This requires the involvement of governments, companies, third sector entities and society in general to successfully tackle the crucial social and environmental challenges faced by the world. In particular, a public commitment has been made to make a specific contribution to 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: