Hand in hand with our suppliers

We work hand in hand, conducting audits and training to ensure that they comply with our requirements and expectations.

Our policy in relation to these partners involves working as a team to deliver excellence in all our products, in a responsible and sustainable manner. With this in mind we select suppliers that share our vision of the business and understand the needs of our brands.

Stable and high-quality relationships with our partners around the world are essential to the success of the Cosentino Group and to move towards a sustainable business model that includes financial, social and environmental commitment throughout our entire value chain.

Our purchasing procedures

Cosentino’s purchasing procedures seek to adapt to the demands of an evolving reality to meet all the Group’s needs with the highest possible quality and warranty, ensuring that they comply with our values.

In 2020 we renewed our UNE 15896:2015 certification and successfully passed the first audit to adapt our processes to the ISO 20400:2017 standard. This demonstrates our commitment to best market practices, both in terms of purchasing management and continuous improvement, as well as our commitment to sustainability. This standard certifies that our Purchasing Management System complies with the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and communication. It also establishes links with other departments of the company to align purchasing with quality and environmental standards, among others.

In 2020 we further enhanced our Supplier Approval and Risk Management process by widening the reach to more than 400 of our key suppliers. We have added more content and strengthened our commitment to Sustainability from an Environmental, Ethical and Corporate Governance point of view. Our Supplier and Risk Management Policy helps us to monitor compliance with our procedures.

Assessment and Audits

Our responsibility to our products begins with the choice and procurement of raw materials. As part of Cosentino’s purchasing process, the performance and compliance level of our suppliers is assessed. Our supplier audit plan is committed to on-site checks of the conditions of all our raw materials suppliers before entering into a significant relationship.

Despite restrictions on travel and visits in 2020, we have kept in touch with our suppliers electronically and have conducted each and every audit remotely. In 2020 we conducted 25 audits, of which 76% were rated as ‘Compliant’. The remaining 24% were subject to time-bound improvement actions. Once these improvement actions have been resolved, the audit result is considered PASS/COMPLIANT. Our target for 2021 is to audit all 53 current suppliers through our Risk Management platform.

This assessment considers sustainability factors such as whether the supplier has a Corporate Social Responsibility standard or has obtained an Environmental Management System certification. In addition to ensuring product quality, other factors such as respect for Human Rights, absence of child labour and labour standards in line with Cosentino’s policies are also assessed.

In line with our Sustainability policy, every year we improve our content and assessments on sustainability issues such as the calculation of the carbon footprint, water footprint, waste management, use of renewable energy sources, etc.

We promote our values and policies

Promoting our values and corporate policies among partners and collaborators is a function of the Purchasing Department, as is responding to the needs of our business involves sharing values and commitments with our entire value chain.

In this regard, by agreeing to our General Purchasing Conditions our suppliers commit to complying with a series of sustainability requirements, the most important being:

→ Measures to prevent corruption and money laundering.

→ Respect for human rights and liberties, at least in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

 → Occupation health and safety standards.

→ Action against child labour.

→ Compliance with environmental measures according to current law.

Furthermore, we apply an accreditation process to our main suppliers using the SAP Ariba tool. This process requires acceptance of our General Purchasing Conditions, Cosentino’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, and our Quality and Environment Policy, in addition to aligning with the content and requirements of the IKEA IWAY Standard, as one of our main clients.

Health and safety

To spread and promote values such as prevention and safety to our partner companies, we focus on the continuous improvement of our health and safety systems, as well as on checks and actions aimed at ensuring compliance with legal standards.

Throughout 2020 the system for the assessment of our suppliers’ performance has continued. In terms of Occupational Risk Prevention, the number of assessed contractors operating at Cosentino’s facilities in the Cantoria industrial estate has risen to 124. The indicators evaluated are as follows:

→ Accident rate.

→ Unsafe acts.

→ Access control incidents.

→ Compliance with the Coordination of Business Activities.

These indicators are used to calculate a monthly score that is sent to our supplier risk assessment platform, GoSupply. An overall score is then calculated on this platform, with indicators from other areas such as Environment, Quality, and Finance.