Hand in hand with our customers

We continue to take the necessary actions to inform
our clients about the possible risks associated with our
products and the preventive measures recommended.


Measures for the health and safety of consumers

In 2019 we launched the Cosentino® Safety Space, a web area created to make it even easier for our customers and partners to access this information. This Safety Space, which has been updated regularly since then, presents the latest health and safety information in an easily readable, structured and multilingual way. It is accessible from any device with Internet access, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. Simply go to osh.cosentino.com or scan the QR code found on product labels, delivery notes, invoices, general sales conditions or good practice guides.

The information in the labelling of our main brands includes:

1. Indication of the obligation to comply with applicable local health and safety regulations and to consult with an industrial hygienist to implement risk mitigation measures as appropriate.
2. Warnings regarding the risks and precautions to be taken for safe handling of these products, together with the corresponding pictograms, in compliance with international GHS regulations.
3. Reference to the existence of adequate processes for emission mitigation and product disposal.
4. Indications on possible health issues arising from prolonged exposure to dust resulting from cutting and handling materials without recommended safety measures.
5. QR Code that directs users to the Cosentino® Safety Space, where they can find additional health and safety information, download Safety Data Sheets and Good Practice Guides or watch videos demonstrations on how to safely handle products.

The labelling information on Silestone® slabs has been updated in 2020 to adapt to changes in the crystalline silica content of these products as a result of the introduction of the new HybriQ technology.

We also updated the Safety Data Sheets of our products in 2020. These documents are available to our clients and partners in multiple languages in accordance with the international GHS (Globally Harmonised System) regulations for the classification and labelling of chemical products and mixtures.

Cosentino’s Good Practice Guides, which cover cutting, carving, polishing and installation of our products, have also been updated in 2020 and are available to our clients and partners. Furthermore, a specific Prevention and Safety Guide was created and published in 2019 for the prevention of health risks during the installation of worktops and prefabricated modules.

With regards to the treatment and labelling of chemical products, we comply with the following international standards:

  1. REACH standards for the protection of human health and the environment against risks from chemical products.
  2. CLP labelling regulation, which seeks to harmonise label information on a global level.

Customer data privacy and loss of data

This office deals with requests to exercise rights, performs the Data Protection Impact Assessment when necessary for new projects and processes new data in the Register of Data Processing Activities.

The Data Protection Delegate office ensures that we comply with both the General Data Protection Regulations and the new Organic Data Protection Law, using suitable legal and technical advisory systems. Likewise, a Data Protection Committee (DPC) was created to check that the actions carried out by the office of the Data Protection Delegate are correct.

Claims systems, complaints received and resolution

At Cosentino we adapt to the needs of our customers. In order to meet their needs and expectations and offer the best service, we have a Customer Quality team made up of 21 technicians who cover the different markets (North America, APAC, LATAM, Europe, Iberia, ROW) and provide technical support in the resolution of incidents, as well as in the development and installation of our products.

E-consulting grew significantly in 2020, helping us to provide our customers with technical solutions more quickly and without having to wait for a face-to-face visit. The monitoring of ongoing commercial projects was also intensified, with a total of 748 projects visited.

For the analysis and management of Quality incidents, the Quality department is supported by the Quality Credit Management team.

As a result of the analysis of these claims, we have successfully identified the root cause of the defects in our products and continue to improve our manufacturing process, always aimed at offering the best quality our customers demand.

Approximately 16,934 complaints were registered in 2020 and resolved as follows:

Approximately 16,934 complaints were registered in 2020 and resolved as follows:

We play an active role in a number of organizations related to our activity, promoting dialogue with our stakeholders and reaffirming our commitment to sustainable development.

We also subscribe to a number of external initiatives that form the basis of our ethical rules and procedures:


International and European

→ Sustainable Development Goals.
→ OECD Guidelines.
→ ITO Tripartite Declaration.
→ Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
→ ISO 9001 & 14001.
→ European Purchasing Standard UNE 15896.
→ European Green Deal.
→ European industrial strategy.
→ Digital Europe Programme 2021-2027.
→ United Nations Global Pact.
→ Urban Agenda for the EU.
→ Regulation (EU) 2020/852 of the European
Parliament on sustainable activities.
→ 2030 Agenda: SDGs.

Spanish and Regional

→ Strategy for Circular Economy in Spain – España
Circular 2030.
→ Strategy for a Modern, Competitive and ClimateNeutral Spanish Economy in 2050 (Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy 2050 or ELP 2050).
→ Spain’s Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030.
→ National Strategy against the Demographic Challenge.
→ National Plan for Smart Territories.
→ Digital Spain 2025.
→ Spanish Urban Agenda.
→ National Plan for the Modernisation of
Vocational Training.
→ Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) of the Regional Government of Andalusia.